Welcome to the next generation of informative, entertaining, political talk and opinion shows from our talented and seasoned political team of network and cable TV hosts, writers, comedians, and producers. We’ve brought together some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment while providing a unique, unconventional, and highly entertaining #BPN brand of weekly political discourse.

Co-Creator of #BPN with Fox New Regular, Michael Loftus, Judd Dunning, is a political author, host, and producer. Over Judd’s three-decade political journey from liberal to conservative activist, he has collaboratively hosted various political entertainment for conservative and independent audiences, including his new shows with Michael Loftus, Rob Nelson, and just authoring his new Humanix/Newsmax Book 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Liberal: And How to Enlighten Others just published internationally.

Our 2020 CU Media #BPN’s media brands include:

BPN Brands
  • BulletPointNation! 4 Weekly News Topics with 2-minute buzzers. Think ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption meets Gutfield. Join hosts Judd Dunning (Author/News Personality) and Michael Loftus (Comedian/TV Writer and The Loftus Party), and as they cut through the Left Wing Bias with thunder and hilarious fury from the “RIGHT.”
  • “BulletPointNation One on One.” A deeper dive with one of our celebrity guests’ political origins think Live Liberty and Levin meets and unfiltered Jimmy Fallon or James Cordon.
  • New #BPN Show! “Talking Smack… Over Mac and Cheese” hosts Judd Dunning and Rob Nelson (Fox’s The Full Nelson and The Rob Nelson Show) live stream about Food and Politics? Independent vs. conservative battle it out live over what hot and trending in US Politics.
  • Judd’s new book 13  and 1/2 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Liberal: And How to Enlighten Others is a powerful fiery, fun, insightful look at the modern Liberals’ core arguments and how to respond with political facts, actual history, and personal anecdotes. Best said by Dinesh D’Souza, “Antifa leftists may still burn this book, but more than a few center-left individuals will read 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to Be a Liberal and develop a new respectful understanding of conservatism.”.  The book includes special contributions from renowned national conservative speakers and Sean Hannity guest Eric Golub (seasoned author of five previous books). A must buy in every right-leaning library, plus you’ll win more arguments on social media!

And of course, check out Michael Loftus’s own ongoing creative brand at TheLoftusParty.com

Please contact Judd Dunning and our team on our Booking Page for bookings, appearances, and other media projects. God bless you, and God bless America!